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The ultimate time-piece for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP - Automate everything!
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RJ Software
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26 April 2004

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Would you like your computer to run programs and events when you're asleep or out? You've tried to set it up before using the default Windows Task Manager and some other tools? With ClockWise you will be able to schedule events, alarms and reminders quickly and easily.
ClockWise is a useful utility that incorporates the best features calendars, timers and reminders are able to offer. The scheduling tool is user-friendly and setting programs and reminders to run at certain times is a pleasure, not a pain. It has hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reminders with an option of NOT running them at weekends (something that most reminders hopelessly lack). You can use the tool to schedule disk defragmenters, virus scanners, email checkers etc. and use it as an all-purpose reminder application.
It displays current time and date as well as a fully-functional calendar. You can adjust calendar to show public holidays, moon phases and times of sunrise and sunset in any of the 40+ countries, or download more countries files if the one you need is not available in the program. Try this powerful tool today and set your system to work while you're doing something else.

Publisher's description

ClockWise is the ultimate time utility for Windows. Includes a digital clock, time client, calendar, timer, stopwatch, dial-up network timer, scheduler, and reminder system. You can automate everything! You can schedule up to 200 external or built-in events! Run or close any program whenever you want. Built-in options include system reboot, shutdown, automatically setting the system time to the atomic clock at NIST or any Internet NTP server, connection or disconnection from the Internet and Active Desktop refresh. On-line timer log includes daily, weekly and monthly stats. The 24-city time zone window now has over 720 cities to choose from, and ClockWise even includes a useful time/date screen-saver!
Version 3.30
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